ASUS ENGTX280 TOP Graphic Card Preview

A graphics card can never be fast enough, which is why Asus has released an overclocked version of nVidia’s latest high-end graphics processor.

Asus claims the ENGTX280 TOP is 12% faster than nVidia’s reference design, and when tested with 3DMark Vantage Extreme, the card bumped up the score from 4,877 to 5,440 points.

The specification of the ENGTX280 TOP has been greatly improved as its engine clock speed has been increased from 600MHz to 670MHz, the shader clock from 1,300MHz to 1,460MHz, and memory clock from 1,100MHz to 1,215MHz.

Also, the card offers up to 50% performance boost over the last generation of graphics cards, according to Asus.

The card is not just for playing games as it can also seamlessly shift video intensive tasks from the CPU to the GPU, say, when playing Blu-ray movies or running graphics intensive applications.

Asus also claims that transcoding videos can now be accomplished up to 7x faster than before.

The card will be bundled with
Alone in the Dark
horror-survival game.

The ENGTX280 TOP is only expected to be available in the middle of this month and the price has yet to be announced.

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