Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys has launched three ­routers, namely the Wireless-G broadband router (WRT54G2), Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N broadband router (WRT160N) and Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N Gigabit router (WRT310N).

The wireless routers are the first to use internal antennas so there are no ugly protruding antennas to mar the stylish design of the devices.

The routers will come with improved usability features such as the Linksys Easylink Advisor (LELA) that helps simplify network setup and checks that all devices and connections are stable and secure.

Also, LELA will automatically check for updates for all Linksys products on the network.

Users can also use LELA to scan the network for issues, ­troubleshoot ­problems and attempt to resolve any conflicts with other devices.

Also, the routers feature a simple, one-button security feature called WiFi Protected Set up that helps secure the wireless connection.

The WRT54G2 only supports wireless G standard but the WRT160N and WRT310N routers will support the latest draft ­wireless N.

Also, the WRT310N is a ­gigabit router and computers connected via the local area network can transfer data at a faster speed.

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